Palmaris Good News – Praise from Luggie Watch



At a meeting of Luggiewatch the membership held a vote of thanks in acknowledgement of the support we have received from Palmaris which was passed unanimously. Your company helped us produce a calendar last year and with your generous help we are able to do the same again this year.




As you know, Luggiewatch is a local Community environmental group. We were formed just over a year ago with the purpose of protecting and enhancing the environment around the Luggie Water which runs from Cumbernauld to the Kelvin.




In the course of our first year we have –

  •  built links with a variety of other community groups, such as the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the Woodland Trust and the Campsie Glen Greenbelt association.
  • Joined TCV Scotland – part of a national association of voluntary groups.
  •  Contributed to East Dunbartonshire’s development plans, has made representations to local councillors, MPs and MSPs.
  • We have held three river ‘clean-up’ days involving dozens of local residents in improving the condition of the Luggie Water.
  • We have participated in Kirkintilloch’s annual Canal Festival, where we reached a very wide cross-section of people from the area with information and educational materials about the wide range of plants, birds and animals living along the banks of the Luggie Water.

Currently we are building an association with the Mugdock Rangers who carry out some work along the Luggie Water with a view to carrying out projects such as path improvement and installation of bird and insect boxes.


Our organisation launched last year our annual calendar photograph competition. Photographs of the wildlife and views around the Luggie, all taken by local amateur photographers were featured in our first calendar and this year we are in the process of designing two calendars, there is such a range of good quality photographs we felt we had to use as many as possible, so the two hundred calendars that your company has agreed to fund have been split into two lots.


With the help of Palmaris, we have already established a name and reputation in the area which was our first and most important priority.  On our last river clean-up day our members met a number of people out walking who recognised us, who bought calendars last year and intended to do so this year. What we did not expect, but our members have all noticed, is that our efforts are helping to build a stronger feeling of community pride and unity.


We are only a year old, but with your help we have staked a place in the discourse about the future of the Luggie Water. The river is now to become a Local Nature Conservancy area. We think this is just the first step and we hope in due course to have a recognised nature park in place, protected and preserved for future generations.


The officers and members of Luggiewatch cannot thank Palmaris enough for the support we have received. At this early stage in the life of our organisation, your support has made it possible for us to get started and organised on a level and to an extent that otherwise would have been very difficult.