Best Fit

The Best Fit Guarantee

One of our founding principles is to be guided by what our customers want and need. This is the inspiration behind the Palmaris Best Fit Guarantee — a guarantee assuring our customers that we will:

Listen first and act second

Because to truly offer a service that best answers a customer’s needs we need to listen to and understand their requirements and pain points.

Never sell just to make sales

Instead only recommending and offering quality services that we know will be the best fit for our customer and therefore bring the most benefit to them.

Welcome businesses both big and small

Because for us the best fit means offering a service that fits a customer’s business size, requirements and budget.

Work Collaboratively

Even if a competitor is looking after one area of a customer’s business, we are happy to work on another — because if this gets the best results for our client, we are content.

Offer a completely tailored service

Whether we offer one service, or multiple services in an integrated manner, we’ll always tailor our services.

Look out for the Best Fit logo, a mark we have created to assure our customers that we have listened to and considered their specific needs.