Business Challenge was that their depot is 24/7 access, with a variety of fire related risks throughout the complex. There was also a need for a really professional image at the gatehouse for all traffic. It was mentioned that Health and Safety had to be addressed before visitors were allowed into the complex.

Services Provided

Security Services

  • Manned security cover at a controlled entry gatehouse
  • Access control of all vehicular traffic
  • Access control of all pedestrian traffic
  • Safety inductions for all visitors to site
  • 1st point of contact for all staff, contractors, visitors and members of the public
  • Open up/ De-alarm, internal and external patrol of premises each morning
  • Lock up / Alarm, internal & external patrol of premises each night
  • Night time security and safety patrols of external perimeter of site
  • The use of Iauditor to monitor and report on all activities carried out by the security personnel.
  • Due to a long standing and trusted relationship with Bartlett’s and having a reputation of being one of the UK’s leading best fit facilities companies, Palmaris Services were able to entirely scope, design and propose new technology such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Biometric access controls.

Client Testimonial

Palmaris have continued to innovate throughout our relationship with them, and can now offer a really integrated service between technology systems and the manned services. This offers Bartlett’s best value for money and the best fit service for us as their customer.


Operations Director Albert Bartlett