The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) as an executive agency is committed to supporting that outcome by maintaining secure custody and good order in our prisons; caring for prisoners with humanity and providing appropriate opportunities to address their offending behaviour and develop the potential to reduce the risk of further re-offending. We will do so in partnership with colleagues in the wider criminal justice systems, working to improve the value for money for the taxpayer.

Services Provided

Cleaning Services

  • Business Challenge was whilst Palmaris have the contract to clean 6 of the Scottish prisons, they are in the process of building brand new state of the art prisons. HMP Grampian was in the later stages of being built and they needed cleaning teams to work with the building contractor to have the prison ready for opening by a definite date. The build had been running over time and it was critical to SPS that the prison opened on time and was clean.
  • Pull together local cleaning teams that could be deployed at short notice
  • House contract manager locally for the 3 months of cleaning required
  • Have additional supervisory support to assist with training, providing equipment and to ensure the high standards expected from SPS were met on time and on budget.
  • Due to a long standing and trusted relationship with SPS and having a reputation of being one of the UK`s leading best fit facilities companies, Palmaris Services were able to entirely scope, specify and deliver trained cleaning teams to deliver the project.

Client Testimonial

Palmaris have really proven their commitment to SPS over the last few months in order to have HMP Grampian ready for opening. I would like to thank the team in all their efforts over the last few months and would highly recommend them to any new customer.


Procurement Support Officer Scottish Prison Service