Reducing your business risk

Alarm activation is typically received and actioned in under 10 seconds from point of signal. What happens next? Each site has their own bespoke protocol which our team will follow, typically this will include contact with the appropriate emergency service, key holder (we can also provide this service on behalf of clients) and/or dispatch one of our SIA Licensed mobile security officers to secure the premises. Our engineers are also on call to provide technical support as required which can range from alarm reset to temporary fixes to stabilise systems with a follow up repair or installation programme fully costed for client approval.

Cost v Benefit
The cost of remote monitoring is based on the scale and complexity of the site and service requested by clients.
Staying Alert
The PARCLIVE team will follow site specific protocols including but not limited to site access passwords, key holding, emergency service contact etc.
Emergency Services
Quick response to incidents and alarm activation can be the difference between life safety and significant property damage.
Property Support
All service advice available from a single point of contact, 24/7.


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