Manned Security

Palmaris Security Services is a professional and experienced provider who has operated within the Security market for over 25 years.

As part of our security services, we offer manned security to a vast array of clients, all of whom have chosen Palmaris to provide a presentable and professional security presence. Our focus is maintaining the safety of the premises, employees, visitors or tenants within your business, providing a vigilant, skilled and experienced team to do so. Some of the Manned Security Services in which we specialise are detailed below:

  • Manned Guarding
  • Mobile Patrols
  • Front of House
  • Gatehouse Services

Cleaning Services

Palmaris Services provide high quality, tailored facilities management services to a diverse range of clients, from prestigious commercial premises and retail centres to manufacturing, distribution outlets and Scottish Government Organisations.

Our services, which are delivered using both latest technologies in equipment and environmentally friendly products, allow us to offer our customers an efficient and trusted service.

Having operated for more than 12 years we have increased our service offerings to support our customers changing environments and building requirements. Our approach incorporates the management and provision of daily housekeeping tasks as well as periodic, industrial and technical cleaning services.

Our facilities management services include:

  • Contract Cleaning
  • Specialist Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning including Rope Access Technicians
  • Hygiene and Environmental Services
  • Grounds Maintenance and Environmental Services
  • Property and Support Services

Through our 24hr Operations Centre we integrate a range of services for our clients.
This allows our dedicated customers` service operators to manage bespoke services for our clients` properties all through one point of contact.

Property Services

By focusing on managing and adding value to your building requirements, we allow organisations to concentrate on their core activities, thereby enhancing their growth, business performance and profitability.

Utilising the management expertise and systems developed by the Palmaris Group, Palmaris Technical:

  • Provides our own engineers for customers’ Mechanical & Electrical services requirements;
  • Provides a 24/7 fully functional Helpdesk solution in order to answer and act on our clients queries and problems around the clock;
  • Compensates, incentivises, manages and motivates our team to perform better than our competitors.
  • Provides a continually improving level of services by encouraging innovative thinking and striving to suggest monthly improvements, therefore adding value to our customers’ business;
  • Provides the responsiveness, flexibility and effectiveness of a local supplier ensuring rapid responses to emergency and high priority situations;

Palmaris can adapt our building services to meet your particular business needs with the flexibility to develop as your needs change. From a small adaptable service contract to a full facilities solution, we deliver Pre Planned Maintenance and Reactive Maintenance to Energy Management; full project design, management and implementation and all other facility services.

Electronic Fire & Security

Electronic Fire & Security systems are a vital tool in protecting your company’s physical assets and personnel. We offer a wide range of electronic fire & security systems targeted to deliver fire protection, surveillance, access and egress control and perimeter detection and can also offer integrated services based on your needs.

Our risk analysis and site survey service ensures that the security systems deployed are based on your individual requirements, taking the identified risks of your property or site into consideration. They are therefore guaranteed to be reliable and deliver a positive return on investment.
Palmaris Security have experience in providing high security solutions to many different business sectors including:

  • Banking and Financial Sector
  • Local & Central Government
  • UK Retail Operations
  • Pharmaceutical & Petrochemical
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Utilities
    We pride ourselves on having the capability to:
  • Self-deliver on the design stage of fire and security systems through our fully certified Technical Account Managers
  • Self-deliver on the installation of the agreed design and system
  • Self-deliver on the commissioning of the fully installed system
  • Self-deliver on the ongoing maintenance of the newly installedsystem


The Palmaris ARC is the centre point of our electronic security services, monitoring clients’ security 24/7 and 365 days a year, offering complete peace of mind.

What is The Palmaris ARC?

The Palmaris ARC (Alarm Control Centre) is a fully-staffed, highly secure monitoring unit where we defend businesses from fire, crime, attack and intrusion.We understand that protecting your staff, your property and your business assets are top priorities for you, and so The Palmaris ARC is here to give you that peace of mind. We will monitor, alert and act whenever your business is at risk.

So how does it work?

When an alarm is activated at your premises, we will:

  • Assess the situation
  • Alert your assigned member of staff and your key holder
  • Contact the relevant emergency services if appropriate
  • Send a member of our security team to assess the situation at your site

If you have CCTV installed, we can also access the footage and take appropriate action from there.
Our control room staff can even personalise your service, taking instruction and undertaking bespoke action plans based on your specific business and security needs.

Weekly automated activity reports are also generated in-house so that you can access any information on business security.

What type of alarms can we link to The Palmaris ARC?

We can link the following alarms:

  • Sentinel (Fire, Intruder, Personal Attack)
  • Immix Cloud (CCTV)
  • Oysta (Lone worker, Man Down & Attack)
  • Timegate (Automated Man Guard Book On, Off & Check Calls)We can also monitor opening and closing gates on remote sites.

Is The Palmaris ARC secure?

The answer is, absolutely. The building itself is highly secure and we have a fully tested disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place.
All of our staff are fully trained and we have all information stored in The Palmaris ARC backed up to a secondary site in-case of any attack or problem.

As we are absolutely dedicated to providing you with a quality level of service and peace of mind, we have worked to achieve NSI Gold Accreditation.